Golden Bridge: Golden connection between French world-leading environment and meteorology corporations and Vietnamese partners

Since the establishment in 2007, after almost 10 years, Golden Bridge (GB) has been well known as a “bridge” connecting prestigious international technology corporations from L'Hexagone ("the Hexagon") with the partners in Vietnam in fields of environment and meteorology. In ambient air quality monitoring, GB is the exclusive partner of ENVIRONNEMENT S.A in Vietnam, providing automatic air quality continuously monitoring equipment and stations, and data acquisition and management software. ENVIRONNEMENT S.A is one of the world-leading manufacturers, also the pioneer in Europe, specialising in complete solutions for monitoring ambient air, emissions, engine gas, dioxin and radiation. So far, ENVIRONNEMENT S.A has been supplied over 15 thousand air quality analysers and installed more than 500 air quality monitoring networks over the world.
Also, in air pollution modelling and forecast, GB is the official partner of ARIA TECHNOLOGIES – who provided air quality management solutions for big cities, such as Paris, Rio de Janeiro or Beijing, by using modelling software.

Having LEOSPHERE as a close partner, GB can provide customers such comprehensive solutions for air quality monitoring. LEOSPHERE is the global leader in supplying aerosol monitoring equipment using the cutting-edge technology LIDAR. For the past few years, LEOSPHERE has been perceived as the leading supplier of wind shear monitoring system for airport management with around 200 systems manufactured per year.

In meteorology, GB has been chosen as the exclusive representative of METEOMODEM – a fledgling company who have fully justified its leading position in the field of upper-air observation equipment manufacturing.
In September 2016, as to firm up the position in technology transferring, GB signed the newest exclusive-representative contract with METEORAGE – the world leader in lightning detection network and lightning risk prevention solutions. METEORAGE services have been provided in many countries, including France, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom or Netherland.